By Howard Monroe

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police are searching for who killed a 25-year-old man in a Target parking lot. The triple shooting happened Tuesday night on City Avenue.

The shooting happened as the city is dealing with an uptick in homicides.

There have been at least 31 homicides in the city in 2020. People say they’re scared and city representatives say they’re prepared to control the violence.

“It’s traumatic. I wasn’t able to sleep last night,” said Jennifer Friedrichs, whose car was damaged in the shooting. “I didn’t find out exactly what happened until I spoke with police an hour later, asking if I was going to be able to get my car. And he was like, no it’s part of the crime scene now .”

Around 9 p.m. Tuesday, police say a possible drug deal likely led to the shooting that killed a 25-year-old and left two others in critical condition.

Friedrichs’ car was towed from the scene Wednesday morning.

“I was upset but I was more upset that I learned someone lost their life. Because regardless if it was illegal what they were doing, someone is waiting on them to come home,” she said.

So far this year, there have been at least 31 homicides in the city. That’s 82% higher than last year at this time.

Now city leaders say they are preparing to take action to prevent the uptick in violence.

“We can’t wait. We’re losing generations of folk — both the victims and the perpetrator. The victim goes to the morgue and the perpetrator goes away for life,” Philadelphia City Councilman Curtis Jones said.

“I hate to sound desperate, but in a lot of these neighborhoods, that’s what people feel. They’re desperate. They’re desperate for relief,” City Council President Darrell Clarke said.

Clarke says they council will be moving forward with legal steps to enforce local gun laws in Philadelphia.

On Thursday, Councilman Kenyatta Johnson’s office says he will introduce legislation enabling the city to examine the effects of gun violence on victims.

Back at Target, shoppers are pleading for something to be done.

“It’s time to get the violence out of the streets of Philadelphia. It’s just really bad,” shopper Danielle Benson said.

No one has been arrested in the case, but two guns were recovered.

Thursday is the first meeting of City Council’s 2020 session.