By Alexandria Hoff

HAVERFORD TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — Drive through Haverford Township at night and you might notice a theme: homes and businesses aglow in green lights. There’s a very important message behind the lights.

It was an idea that started with a Facebook group called Light Up Green.

Beginning just about a week ago, the community took that message and ran with it. Haverford Township has taken on a new hue.

No, the green is not for the Eagles, and it isn’t that dozens of homes and businesses forgot to take down their Christmas lights. It’s an organized effort to lift up the hearts of three local families one green bulb at a time.

Credit: CBS3

“The diagnosis was awful. It was so scary,” Haverford High School freshman Lily Walker said.

“I don’t even have hair. Like it just feels very lonely,” Haverford junior Hannah Hermansen said.

Lily and Hannah, along with another teen, Jack, all are fighting different forms of childhood cancer.

The lights are being displayed in support of them and all families with children who are forced to face a similar fight.

“I’m spending most of my time in the hospital and at CHOP and appointments, and no child should have to go through that,” Hannah said.

That is a sentiment shared far and wide.

“I was not expecting so many people to put up green lights,” Lily said.

It’s a gesture to help the teens and their families feel less alone.

“Seeing all of these green lights is a reminder that we are not alone, no one fights alone, and there are so many people who are pulling for us and praying for us and it’s a great sense of love,” said Megan Walker, Lily’s mom.

Credit: CBS3

“It’s not just a green light. It’s more than that,” Hannah said.

Given the number of people who want to participate, Eyewitness News is told that local hardware stores have struggled to keep green lights on their shelves.

The Ace Hardware in town says that they have a new shipment coming in Monday.

Alexandria Hoff