By Vittoria Woodill

ROYERSFORD, Pa. (CBS) — If the thought of those cold temperatures has you wishing for an island getaway, Vittoria Woodill might be able to help you find a little escape. In this week’s Taste With Tori, she takes us to Sweet Aloha Bowls, which offers a little taste of Hawaii all year long.

If you want to fill up on feel-good foods that are so good for you they’re called super, then surf on into sweet Sweet Aloha Bowls in Royersford. It’s a super cool place that came to be when owner Janeen and her husband packed her bags and headed to Hawaii.

“The food was so life-changing to me because I would have a bowl in the morning and we would go hiking or snorkeling and I felt so awesome after eating the bowl. I didn’t feel bloated or heavy, like I didn’t have a crash. It just kept me going,” Janeen said.

And her wheels kept turning too.

When she got home, she purchased a blender, then bought a food truck which she eventually turned into this tropical brick and mortar.

Her bowls, smoothies, salads and more are packed with inspiration from the islands she loves.

Watch the video above for the full Taste With Tori interview. 

Vittoria Woodill