By CBS3 Staff

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — The family of a murdered college student wants Pennsylvania lawmakers to increase protections for domestic violence victims. Legislators in Harrisburg are working to get Alina’s Law passed.

Alina Sheykhet was murdered inside her apartment in 2017 by her ex-boyfriend.

Credit: CBS3

The University of Pittsburgh student had a protection order — also called a PFA — but it didn’t prevent her death.

“PFA is just a piece of paper — nothing, “Alina’s mother, Elly Sheykhet, said. “That piece of paper couldn’t save Alina.”

“We had everyone come up here just to show the legislators and leadership that they really need to start taking a stand on these domestic violence issues and start moving these bills,” Pennsylvania State Rep. Anita Kulik said.

The bill is pushing to add electronic monitoring for defendants with protection orders. The device wouldn’t track a defendant 24/7, only if they violate the order.

Right now, Alina’s Law is in the State House Judiciary Committee.

Lawmakers hope it will be signed into law by the end of this year.