By Greg Argos

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A deadly hit-and-run has left a family angry and in mourning. Now, they have a message for the killer, who is still on the loose.

It’s the last call a parent ever wants to receive.

“Get up here. Get up here. Tiffany is not going to make it,” Gwendolyn Canty recalled.

She then rushed to Einstein Medical Center, but early Sunday afternoon, her stepdaughter, Tiffany Reed, died.

“It was a blow. It was devastating,” she said.

Reed, a 29-year-old manager at a fast-food restaurant with an outgoing personality, was struck and killed crossing Broad Street near Lehigh Avenue, the victim of a hit-and-run.

credit: Reed Family

“She could just walk into a room and brighten up everything,” Canty said. “I have no understanding of why someone would do this.”

“This is someone’s loved one lying there and just to drive away — but it occurs often, too often,” Lt. Gregory Brown with the Philadelphia Police Accident Investigation Unit said.

The deadly crash happened at 3:44 a.m. Sunday.

Surveillance video shows the vehicle police say left the scene. Investigators say the driver knew he or she struck someone since that person immediately made a right on Glenwood Avenue.

“They left her there like a piece of trash. Like they ran over a paper bag and kept moving,” Canty said. “You’re an animal. I’ll never forgive you.”

She hopes someone knows something, maybe even recognizes this car and can help bring closure for a family now planning a funeral for a young woman with a bright future cut so very short.

“You can call. You can be anonymous. You know, give us something. I’m begging them to give us something,” Canty pleaded.