By Matt Petrillo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia city leaders announced a big change happening on one of the city’s most dangerous roads Monday. The first speed camera is being installed on Roosevelt Boulevard with the goal of improving safety.

City officials have been working to bring speed cameras to the Roosevelt Boulevard for years and the day has finally come.

The first camera was installed at Roosevelt Boulevard and Banks Way in Northeast Philadelphia.

“I hope they help because this is like a race track here,” Henry Ethridge said.

Roosevelt Boulevard has claimed the lives of nearly 170 people since 2013. On Monday, the Philadelphia Parking Authority’s executive director announced new speed cameras are being installed with one big goal.

“Speed cameras along the Roosevelt Boulevard will save lives,” Scott Petri said.

In all, eight speed cameras will be placed along a 12-mile stretch of the boulevard, starting at Banks Way and extending up to the Philadelphia-Bucks County border at Southampton Road.

It will be a few weeks before all the cameras are installed.


Once all eight cameras are up and running, there will be a 60-day warning period before fines are issued. After that, any driver traveling at least 11 miles per hour over the speed limit could be fined up to $150.

There is a two month grace period before fines are issued but city officials are urging drivers to slow down now.

Officials say money generated by the cameras will go towards other improvements, like safer pedestrian crossings.