By Cleve Bryan

SALEM, N.J. (CBS/AP) — Two men are dead and a third is in critical condition after a triple shooting at a Salem motel. The killings happened at the Salem Motor Lodge on East Broadway on Thursday evening. Police were called to the same motel the night before for reports of gunfire.

(credit: CBS3)

It’s been a violent start to the new year at the motel. Police say a brawl broke out here on New Year’s Eve that escalated to a shooting on New Year’s Day where two people were injured.

Then came a triple shooting Thursday night that killed two men and critically injured a third.

“It all stemmed from the initial incident,” Salem County Prosecutor John Lenahan said. “And we’re most concerned that last night’s shooting isn’t the end of this tit-for-tat that’s going on here.”

Police were called to room 23 at the motor lodge around 8 p.m. Thursday after guests reported hearing gunshots.

Inside the room, officers found 28-year-old Isa Hallman shot dead on the floor.

Sometime after that, two other shooting victims showed up at the Salem Medical Center in private vehicles. One of them, 28-year-old Kapri Taylor, was pronounced dead at the hospital, and a 25-year-old man was transferred to Cooper Hospital in critical condition.

“The danger to the public is, as these two warring parties go back and forth, there could be some collateral damage for an innocent person in the area,” Lenahan said.

Long-term guests at the lodge who heard the gunshots are now afraid for their lives.

“It’s messed up, it’s wrong. I want the shootings to stop,” Danny Ziehl said. “There are kids that live in here and for them to see it, hear it, go through it, especially at that young age, it’s not good.”

So far, no arrests have been made.