By Howard Monroe

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Parents with children who go to a Philadelphia school tainted with asbestos are meeting with leaders as a self-imposed deadline to reopen has come and gone. Both McClure and Carnell Elementary Schools were supposed to reopen Thursday but they remain closed.

McClure and Carnell were the fifth and sixth schools close this school year because of asbestos concerns. While they remain closed, Franklin Learning Center reopened but parents still aren’t happy.

“I have no confidence at this point. None, not at all,” Michelle, a parent, said.

Parents are losing confidence in the Philadelphia School District over how it’s handling asbestos issues.

“We are looking for good schools for our children. We found a good school for our child, for my child, and it’s a dilapidated building. We need to do better,” Michelle said.

Franklin Learning Center reopened its doors Thursday after being shut down in December because of asbestos concerns.

KYW Newsradio spotted students wearing masks to an informational meeting with officials. Students were also seen leaving the school wearing those face masks.

One parent went to the school to get her 10th grader’s transcripts to remove her.

“I don’t feel safe with this issue happening right now. I don’t feel really secure at all,” parent Juanetta Bowen said.

Chimere Stewart says her 11th grader has been sick for a month and will not be returning.

“My next step is to find a safe environment for my children to go to,” she said.

On Thursday, the school district said they’re working towards fully implementing a new environmental improvement plan.

They’re inspecting every school for potential concerns, including asbestos and lead paint.

They’re also retraining principals and engineers on spotting asbestos and establishing a reporting system for teachers, students and parents.

Teachers say the safety issues have been going on for years and the district must act now.

“It’s terrifying. We are reaching an all-new low and we need to do something about it, fast,” said Natalie Montella, a teacher at McClure Elementary School.

Montella and teachers at McClure hope to hear from the district Thursday night about when they’ll be allowed back in the building.