By Vittoria Woodill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A classroom of young students in Montgomery County are making a big impact. They are busy putting their crafting skills to use making tiny blankets for babies being cared for in the NICU.

In Sara Fridirici’s classroom inside of Germantown Academy, little fingers are diligently looming squares of baby soft yarn into itty bitty bonding squares.

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Martha Sharkey is the founder & CEO of Today is a Good Day, an organization that supports families navigating the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Nine years ago, Sharkey found out she and her husband were pregnant with identical twin girls, but at just 23 weeks, she was admitted to the hospital.

“We had learned the difficult statistics for babies born at 23 weeks and I remember after our consultation with one of the neonatologist and he shared with us those grim statistics,” she said. “I remember him leaving and my husband looking at me saying, ‘We’re going to leave here with two, one or none and we’re going to be OK whichever path is chosen for us.'”

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A few years after, Today is a Good Day was formed and they started creating care packages for families in the NICU. Fridirici was a NICU parent who had received one and felt that her little helpers could add to it a little extra something that could bring a little more hope.

“I had actually done weaving with my students in class in the past so I knew that first and second graders were certainly capable of doing a project like this,” she said.

In the end, her daughter Gemma did make it home and so will these squares that represent a tiny bit of hope.

To learn more about Today Is A Good Day, click here.

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Vittoria Woodill