SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — A baby in a car carrier got tossed into the air by thieves running out of a Delaware County Target store. Springfield Township police say the man and woman stole baby formula, but not for their own infant.

The incident happened on Tuesday at the store on Baltimore Pike at the Springfield Mall.

(credit: Springfield Township Police)

According to police, a man and woman were caught placing the baby formula cans into a backpack inside the Target store. An infant and a toddler were with them at the time of the brazen crime.

“They were taking formula, putting it into the backpack the male was carrying,” Springfield Township Police Chief Joe Daly said.

When they attempted to leave, the man was confronted by Target security. While he was being escorted back to the office, police say he tossed the baby seat with the infant strapped in on the ground and fled the scene.

The woman then returned and took back the child.

“Put the kid down. Don’t try to get away by tossing the kid,” Daly said. “Anything could have happened.”

Both suspects left the store before police arrived.

Investigators believe the stolen baby formula will likely end up on the black market.

“Baby formula is a high-ticket item,” Daly explained. “They’re selling it for their own benefit to make profit on it. They go into these stores, steal the baby formula, then they sell it at a reduced price to the mom and pop stores who sell it at an inflated price.”

Police also revealed this was the third time thieves stole baby formula from that same Target store this month.

Anyone with information about these suspects can contact police at 610-544-5504.

CBS3’s Matt Petrillo contributed to this report.