By CBS3 Staff

PAULSBORO, N.J. (CBS) — An 8-year-old girl was left on a school bus for hours. The superintendent of Paulsboro School District says the student fell asleep on the way to Billingsport Elementary Thursday.

That was at 8 a.m. The girl was marked absent from school.

Then around 10 a.m., the girl’s mother came to the school for a student concert.

“There was a mom standing next to me and she was waiting for her daughter to appear and she didn’t,” said Paulsboro Interim Superintendent Dr. Walter Quint. “And she went up to the principal, ‘Where’s my daughter?’ and that’s when we discovered that her child did not get off the bus and that she had put the child on the bus.”

The girl was still asleep on the bus when they got to her. She was OK.

A report was filed with police and several state agencies. The bus driver and aide have been suspended pending an investigation.