PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Winter is coming and the Philadelphia International Airport is prepared to battle the snow, sleet, slush and ice. The airport hosted a snow equipment demonstration this morning, where they unveiled their impressive new plows.

(credit: CBS3)

Employees selected names for the equipment.

Some of the clever monikers are “Snow Jawn,” “Snow Miser” and “Snow Slayer.”

Airport COO Keith Brune talked about the new machinery.

“The airport just recently purchased seven additional pieces of snow equipment to complement the seven multi-function pieces we already have,” Brune said. “They are fully contained units with 22-foot plow on the front, a 19-foot broom in the middle that allows us to make a single pass down a runway or taxiway, clear the snow off, and then broom up behind it so we get a nice clean surface.”

One of these multi-function plows costs $860,000.