By Kate Bilo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A few years ago, Kate Bilo met some children who were helped by the CBS3 Joy of Sharing ToyFest and now they say it’s their turn to help. In 2017, Kate met Maurice, Darryl, and Marcus Sutton of Olney.

Brotherly Love: Family Previously Helped By Salvation Army Giving Back To Joy Of Sharing Toy Fest

When Kate asked the children how excited they were for Christmas, their answers showed immediate excitement. The boys were enthusiastically imagining dream toys.

“Two robots to clean up my room and give me something to eat,” Darryl said.

But Marcus claims he’d prefer for the robot to do his homework.

The family had been going through some tough times. Back in 2015, their mother, Linda Sutton, was hospitalized for two blood clots.

“He said my blood clots were so big they were smothering my heart. That’s why I could not breathe and he said, ‘You shouldn’t even be alive,'” Linda said.

Her daughter Kelsey was hospitalized too and bills stacked up.

Linda said the Salvation Army was a godsend, helping with food and Christmas gifts for the children.

“And I told them, one year we’re going to do this,” Linda said. “We’re going to be on the other side of this table.”

And now they are.

Linda is back at work, Kelsey is doing better, and the whole family is ready to help.

“We’re giving toys to the Salvation Army so they can give them to other kids,” Marcus said.

Darryl explained the reason they were helping is because “some people, they don’t actually get Christmas,” he said.

Linda even picked up a Joy of Sharing ToyFest collection box for her church.

She told Kate she was “so excited” to get the box.

Linda says her children are learning how good it is to give back.

“I’m hoping it’s something I embed in them,” she said.

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