By Matt Petrillo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A woman is fighting for her life after being shot in her face while she was on her way to work on Tuesday morning. It happened in front of a day care center in Philadelphia’s Overbrook section.

The victim’s family says the shooter is the father of two of the woman’s children.

Security Video Captures 31-Year-Old Woman Shot In Face At Point-Blank Range Outside Day Care

“Do yourself a favor and turn yourself in,” Tracy Brown, the victim’s mother, said.

The security video is dark but it shows the moment when 31-year-old Tiffany Gilliam — identified by family — was walking to catch a ride to work at 67th Street and Lansdowne Avenue in Overbrook, just before 5:30 a.m.  That’s when she was approached by a man who suddenly opened fire.

“She blocked the bullet with her phone or she’d be dead today. If it wasn’t for that phone she’d be dead,” Brown said.

Credit: CBS3

Brown believes the shooter is an ex-boyfriend and father of two of Gilliam’s kids.

“He had no right to shoot. That’s my child,” Brown said.

Philadelphia police haven’t confirmed the shooter’s identity but family of the victim also point out Gilliam had endured an abusive relationship with the alleged gunman who wouldn’t let go.

Credit: CBS3

“I tried to get her away from him. He follows her everywhere she goes,” Brown said.

The shooting happened just outside the Wilson Day Care Center. The owner says, fortunately, it wasn’t yet open at the time and no kids were inside.

“I was just thanking God that it wasn’t the time the parents were here bringing their children because it could have been a lot worse,” owner Velda Wilson said.

Gilliam remains in critical condition.

She’s now among a growing trend of women gunshot victims in Philadelphia.

Data shows the number of female gunshot victims has ticked up from last year, and rose dramatically from 2017.

Credit: CBS3

In 2018, there were 114 female gunshot victims in Philadelphia. So far this year, that number has climbed to 127, including Gilliam, a mother of five young children.

Her mother says Gilliam will require reconstructive surgery on her face.

“She has quite a bit of broken bones in her face,” Brown said.