By Howard Monroe

WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) — Officials are trying to trap a bear seen running through Trolley Square in hopes of relocating it. But first, they have to catch it.

The search continues Friday evening for the elusive black bear in Wilmington. The bear, now known as “DelaBear,” was last spotted Thursday morning running through people’s backyards.

But then, it disappeared, prompting the closure of parts of the Alapocas State Park. The park’s wooded areas reopened Friday evening after the bear was not seen throughout the day.

Officials are trying to lure the bear with donuts and chocolate.

People say it’s been an odd few days.

“I have a friend who lives in Colorado and I was joking, ‘This might be normal for you but it isn’t normal for Wilmington, Delaware,'” Sue Handling said.

“DelaBear” is the talk of the town, even inspiring a few bar specials.

“We came up with a drink and a burger special. The drink was called The Honey Bear Bourbon,” Joe McCoy, owner of Catherine Rooney’s Irish Pub, said.

The bar is located in Wilmington’s Trolley Square neighborhood. McCoy says the bear walked right in front of his business.

McCoy says the bear went right down Delaware Avenue and then turned onto Dupont Street.

As “Delabear” was making its journey, Rayna DeReus was preparing to walk her dog, Sully.

“I walked outside to take him for a walk and the police officer was like, ‘You need to go back inside. Do you know what’s going on?'” she said.

The bear forced police to place multiple streets on lockdown Thursday as it climbed over fences and through backyards.

Traps have been put in place to try and capture it but until that happens, Handling says she’s being very careful.

“We were down at the fields and I was scanning the perimeter for a big black bear on a fence, trying to decide my exit plan if he showed up,” she said.

Wildlife officials say if you spot the bear do not approach it and call 911 instead.