By CBS3 Staff

MANHEIM, Pa. (CBS) — The Manheim Fire Department shared a touching story on its Facebook page after an adorable moment between a firefighter and a young boy with special needs was captured on camera. The fire department says they responded to a crash involving a school bus with special needs kids a few weeks ago. No one on the bus was injured.

But while everyone was being evaluated, a camera captured an adorable moment between Lt. Andrew Kirchner and a boy named Jojo.

The fire department says they typically bring stuffed animals to scenes to console children. They say Kirchner and Jojo bonded when the firefighter offered the boy a stuffed animal.

The two hung out until the students were to be taken back to the school to reunite with their parents.

“Their interaction created a great photo opportunity, but right as the photo was about to be taken, Jojo moved in even closer to Andy, thus capturing this awesome moment,” the Manheim Fire Department wrote on Facebook. “We’re very proud of Andy’s compassion showed to Joji, as well as the rest of our crew that day.”