By Matt Petrillo

CLAYMONT, Del. (CBS) — There have been multiple sightings of a bear in Delaware. Officials in the First State are now on the lookout, but is this the same animal spotted in Delaware County earlier this week?

Wildlife officials in Delaware and Pennsylvania have teamed up and are now searching for a roaming black bear. The bear may have traveled some 20 miles since being spotted near Villanova on Friday.

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Bears are so rare in Delaware that state wildlife doesn’t have any bear traps of their own. Wednesday’s sightings in Claymont follow other bear sightings over in Delaware County, Pennsylvania last week.

Security video from Springfield, Delaware County captured a 200-pound black bear over the weekend roaming around a swimming pool.

Credit: CBS3

Wildlife officials in Delaware aren’t yet 100% sure but they believe it’s the same bear that was seen 20 miles away by Philadelphia Pike and Manor Avenue in Claymont, New Castle County on Wednesday morning.

“If you see it, back away slowly,” said Natural Resources Police Sgt. Chelsea Chilas.

Now, neighbors have their eyes peeled and are looking out for it.

“I can’t imagine a bear being here,” one woman said.

A bear was first seen Friday near Villanova, then later in Marple, Springfield, Aldan and Collingdale.

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Credit: CBS3

There is no word yet if the Claymont bear is heading toward Bear, Delaware, just 15 miles south.

But Delaware Natural Resources Police are now considering borrowing a bear trap from the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

“The bear would have to be concentrated and stay in one area and the only reason it would do that is if it had a food source to continue to go back to,” Chilas said.

Here’s how a bear trap works. Once the bear is inside, it’ll reach for food on a pedestal and when it presses it, that’s when the door closes shut.

Credit: CBS3

Pennsylvania wildfire officials say the bear is probably getting ready for a nice long nap in a den somewhere for the winter, and it needs a full tummy before it goes to sleep.

“When it gets into a populated area, there are a lot of dumpsters so it’s like a buffet for a bear. Or somebody’s beehives maybe that you have out, like Winnie the Pooh would go in and get the honey from the beehives, that’s what bears do,” said Pennsylvania Game Commission Warden Jerry Czech.

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Officials warn people not to approach the bear if you see it.