By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The City of Brotherly Love is one of the least safe cities in the United States, according to a new study. Credit score site WalletHub ranked the 182 safest cities in the country, with Philadelphia coming in 169th.

The rankings were based on three categories: Home and community safety, natural disaster risk and financial safety.

Philly had a total score of 60.73. Out of 182 cities studied, Philly ranked 178th in home and community safety, which took into account shootings, violent crimes, traffic conditions and much more.

Philadelphia ranked 128th in financial safety — which accounted for the unemployment rate and poverty rate — and 15th in natural disaster risk.

Home and community safety was worth a total of 50 points, while natural disaster risk was worth 30 and financial safety was worth 20 total points.

Newark, New Jersey ranked 156th overall and came dead last in financial safety.

Wilmington, Delaware ranked 144th.

Columbia, Maryland was found to be the safest city, while St. Louis ranked dead last at 182.