By Greg Argos

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The snow our region was supposed to see wasn’t as expected. But that did not mean airline passengers at Philadelphia International Airport had an easy ride home.

“We were on time, but then the flight got delayed two hours,” Vince Rizzuto said.

Rizzuto is the co-owner of Philly Sports Trips and is returning from Miami.

“We had 168 Eagles fans on a charter flight,” he said.

And even with that devastating loss to the Dolphins, Rizzuto and other members of the gang green took a negative and turned it into something positive.

credit: CBS3

“They kind of turned the lights off and let everyone rest a little bit. We had a tough four days of partying down there,” Rizzuto said.

“Overall it was a nice trip. Too bad we didn’t get the win,” another fan added.

Due to wicked weather around the county, there were more than 17,000 delayed flights and some 1,700 canceled flights nationwide.

credit: CBS3

For planes arriving at Philadelphia International, 35 have been canceled and 217 delayed.

People on 27 flights scheduled to leave found themselves without a ride, 187 people were left waiting.

“I feel upset because I want to go home,” Norma Ruiz said.

Her flight to Fort Lauderdale is one of those delayed, so she’s missing her connection home to Nicaragua.

“I have to buy another flight on another airline,” she said.

Fortunately, Cindy Voorhies has no other connecting flight and she’ll be home to Atlanta Monday night, just a little later than expected.

“Not bothering you, though?” CBS3’s Greg Argos asked.

“No, no. I’ll be able to get to bridge tomorrow and that’s what’s important,” Voorhies said.

On Tuesday, we are expecting some sunny conditions in Philadelphia– but travel experts say it’s best to check with your airline before heading to the airport.