By Matt Petrillo

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — Winter has not officially started but that didn’t stop Mother Nature from bringing an early snowfall to Bucks County on Monday. The area only received about an inch of snow but the rain washed it up.

It was, however, enough of a coating to close some businesses and local governments, as well as most school districts in the county.

Kids enjoyed the day off at the hill by the Mercer Museum. It’s one of the most popular sledding spots in Bucks County.

Even though there’s not a ton of snow on the ground, children are making the most of it.

“It will probably be fun. I love sledding down here,” Branden Knorr said.

“Old Man Winter” didn’t blow in a big snowfall in Doylestown but it was enough for residents to have to bring out their shovels to clear sidewalks.

At least one retired Central Bucks teacher believes the district made the right call to close.

“You can be expecting storms when you don’t get anything. And I’ve seen it the other way when you decided to come in,” Sleicher said. “It’s a no-win situation.”

The Bucks County Courthouse also was closed today and hearings will be rescheduled. Some Doylestown businesses did take a hit today with the courthouse closed.

It was quiet inside Artistic Pizza during lunchtime and the delivery driver didn’t do any better.

“The last time I get like four, five deliveries, like average, but today’s only one right now,” Zulfiqar Resheed said.

Some businesses didn’t even bother to open like Nonas Cafe, but at the county movie theater, others made the best of the day inside.

“Thought it’d be a good day to come in since it’s gonna snow later on,” Sleicher said.

The courthouse is expected to open Tuesday and schools are also reporting classes will be back on.