By Dan Koob

COLLINGDALE, Pa. (CBS) — According to officials in Delaware County, there have been three more reports of black bear sightings. Two of the reports came from Collingdale Borough and the third report came from Aldan Borough.

These are the latest reports of bear sightings after a bear was spotted roaming a driveway on Harrison Road in nearby Villanova Friday morning. That was followed by another sighting Friday night on Cove Road in Marple Township.

From parks to backyards and everywhere in between, Bear Watch continues in Delaware County.

“I thought it was exciting. We don’t get that excitement down here,” Delco resident Mary Ellis said.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission searched the Collingdale area on Sunday, dispersing in the early afternoon.

“It was about 10 feet in front of me. Just ran right out and kept going,” resident Keith Moyer said.

When asked if there was any possibility that it could have been a big dog, Moyer said, “It was a bear. I know the difference between a dog and a bear, trust me.”

Moyer was returning from Walgreens on Sunday when he spotted the mobile mammal near the intersection of Bartram and Chesnut Streets in Collingdale. He called police.

“It didn’t seem like it was doing any hard,” he said. “It just seemed lost and just curious. Probably just looking for food and get home.”

Delco emergency services joked that the bear is 4-0 avoiding the state’s game commission.

Neighbors say the game commission was at the Mt. Zion Memorial Cemetery for several hours on Sunday.

“I brought the dogs in so they wouldn’t get eaten alive because one of them looks like a black bear,” Ellis said. “I went upstairs and looked through trees and cemetery, and I didn’t see him.”

The game commission reiterates that black bears are not usually aggressive. Secure your garbage and if you see the bear, don’t approach it — call police.