By CBS3 Staff

WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) — Two 17-year-old boys were arrested after trying to steal video games while Black Friday shopping at a New Castle County Walmart, police say. It wasn’t the way two teens planned on spending their Thanksgiving evening but now they’re facing charges after an altercation with police.

New CastlePolice officers were on assignment at the Walmart located on Centerville Road when around 6 p.m. a Walmart employee approached the officers informing them of three men attempting to shoplift multiple video games.

There was an altercation between the officers and the suspects when they attempted to flee the store, leading to the arrest of two 17-year-old boys.

A bystander posted a video of the incident on Facebook.

Walmart shoppers were surprised the teens were attempting to steal on the biggest shopping day of the year.

“You could have easily paid for that at self-checkout and just left and went about your day,” shopper Samantha Miazga said.

Police say a Walmart employee reported seeing three people attempting to steal video games to an officer who was on duty inside the store.

When the officers approached the accused shoplifters, police say they tried to run but when officers caught up to them an altercation broke out.

“I guess if they were trying to fight law enforcement then, you know what I mean, you kind of asked for it at that point,” shopper Noah Wolfe said.

Only two of the three teens were arrested.

One of the boys was charged with two counts of misdemeanor shoplifting, one count of misdemeanor conspiracy, and one count of misdemeanor resisting arrest. He was released to his parent/guardian.

The second boy was charged with one count of misdemeanor shoplifting and released to a parent/guardian on $500 unsecured bail.

As police continue to investigate, residents are hoping this will be the last holiday shopping altercation.

“I feel for those kids, I feel for their families, everyone who’s involved,” one woman said.

If you have any information pertaining to this investigation, contact the New Castle County Division of Police at 302-573-2800.

CBS3’s Kimberly Davis contributed to this report.