PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins has responded to harsh words from the head of the Philadelphia Police union about Jenkins’ Op-ed published in the Inquirer. In the article about Philadelphia’s police culture, Jenkins wrote the city needs a new commissioner who “fights back against the police union.”

Union president John McNesby responded, saying Jenkins should stay out of it and called him a “non-resident, washed-up football player.”

Jenkins says he isn’t surprised by McNesby’s word.

“I think it kind of proves what we’ve been talking about, as far as just the ability to have a conversation about policing and what we want to differently,” Jenkins said. “When we talk about trying to solve violent crimes and get rid of these shootings and things like that, there needs to be cooperation. That cooperation comes from trust. You can’t have trust with a community with the reputation that our police department has, without any transparency, without anything changing.”

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney also weighed in on the controversy, saying Jenkins has the right to make suggestions.

The next police commissioner could be announced before January.