By Ukee Washington

ARDMORE, Pa. (CBS) — Some folks in Ardmore are making Giving Tuesday happen year-round, with help from people of different abilities. On Tuesdays, you might catch 22-year-old Taylor Garfield giving away baked goods to places around Ardmore, like Puns Toy Shop.

These aren’t the only sweets Puns Toy Shop owner Paulette Kules has received.

“We’ve gotten carob brownies, we’ve gotten nut-free brownies,” she said.

This is part of Garfield’s job training. Garfield is learning to bake at Common Space, a nearby nonprofit center. She’s gaining skills for independent living, then she’s sharing her sweet success with the neighbors.

“When our presence comes in, it’s like, ‘Oh great, it’s Giving Tuesday!’ And then there’s the warmth that begins,” said Amy McCann, director of Common Space.

McCann calls this project Always Giving Tuesday. It’s inspired by Giving Tuesday, which falls the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

“We thought, ‘Hey, you know what? We can spread kindness every day and be giving every Tuesday,’ and so we have bakers that are delivering baked goods to community members and the small business and retail.”

Lauren Tribanas is Gabriel’s job coach.

“It helps Taylor be an active community member and give back to her community and really feel like she belongs. And she does belong,” Tribanas said.

McCann said over the last year, the nearby businesses have gotten to know these bakers who deliver.

“I think that when you’re spreading kindness in that way people are like, ‘Oh, what’s this about?’ We are really just delivering sweets, really just to spread kindness,” McCann said.

McCann says anyone is welcome to join them for a baking day. Learn more here.

Ukee Washington