By Howard Monroe

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The bitter blast that hit the region comes as the National Weather Service marks Winter Weather Preparedness Week. The NWS is warning that extremely cold weather could be deadly with reminders of wearing gloves and hats because winter is coming.

“I’m not ready for winter yet,” Hans Riess said.

“It’s chilly, for sure,” Ana Cruse said.

“Is it cold? I’m fine. Gotta bundle up, layer up and enjoy the weather,” one man said.

People were braving the cold in Center City on Wednesday afternoon to get to where they needed to be. Overnight lows in Philadelphia dropped to a record 23 degrees. On Wednesday afternoon, the sun barely helped to heat things up.

“It’s not bad. It’s really not,” Jess Olsen said. “I stepped out this morning and it was a little rough, but right now, it’s nice.”

Kelly Drive was a near ghost town. The trail is typically packed with bikers and runners.

But with the Philadelphia Marathon next weekend, training must go on.

“If it’s sunny and not windy, I’m OK,” Olsen said. “I just try to make sure I wear gloves and my earband and generally, it’s all right.”

“I’m not going to discuss personal information,” another runner said jokingly. “I got enough [layers on]. Nothing is freezing, nothing is turning blue.”

In extreme cold, the NWS suggests wearing at least three layers on your torso, two layers on your lower body, a hat, face mask, gloves and bots. They also suggest staying inside.

The Philadelphia Senior Center says they serve 300 seniors on any given day. They say they’ll see more people in extreme cold and heat.

While many were there escaping the cold, they differ on whether they like it or hate it.

“I think it’s horrible,” Margaret Baldwin said. “Even though I was born in February, I really like the summertime.”

“I can dress for the cold, I can’t undress for the hot weather,” Rosyln McGee said.

While Wednesday night won’t be as cold as Tuesday, you can contact the city if you see someone out who may need emergency services.

The number for Philadelphia’s Homeless Services is 215-232-1984.