By Matt Petrillo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The calendar may say autumn but it certainly feels like winter outside. As the temperature starts to drop, many people are bundling up.

The flurries falling around the Christmas tree outside of the Philadelphia Art Museum caught a lot of people off guard. Including a couple who is visiting from Los Angeles, California.

“It’s been like in the 70s back home, so to be in the 20s or whatever it is right now, is extremely cold,” Monica Torreblanca said.

They bundled up a lot more than runner Matt Anderson, wearing just a long-sleeved shirt and shorts.

“I’m fine with this. You get warm running,” he said.

Another family visiting from Venice, Italy also does not mind the bitter blast. They are just excited to see the sights of the city.

“I’m so happy to be here like you cant imagine. I feel really wow,” Amarlo Magaettea said.

“Even during weather like this?” CBS3’s Matt Petrillo asked.

“No problem!” Magaettea replied.

Nearby, Fairmount Hardware is stocked with ice melt and shovels but with no snow on the ground, the manager says Tuesday is just like any other day.

“But when it does, we’ll be ready—as ready as you can ever be,” Lloyd Newman said.

Meantime, PennDOT is looking for snowplow drivers and mechanics in Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. The starting pay is $19 and $21 an hour, respectively.

For more information on those positions, click here.