By Dan Koob

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa. (CBS) — The clean-up continues more than one week after an EF-2 tornado ripped through Delaware County. One of the hardest-hit locations — a horse farm — is still recovering and is even seeking out the help of volunteers.

In an area still recovering from a devastating tornado, Clonmel Farm in Delaware County continues to work.

“Then it sounded like a freight train across the patio and then the windows cracked,” owner Dana Pound said.

The storm blew siding off of her home, three trees into structures and blocked passages throughout the 72-acre farm.

“I went and took a video in the morning and when I back and watched the video the next day, all I kept saying was wow,” Pound said. “We were not prepared to see the devastation that we saw.”

She says she’s put up $6,000 of her own money to fix multiple areas of broken fencing and because she’s a tenant, her insurance company won’t cover any damage. She says estimates to finish the fencing are as high as $50,000.

They have received help from volunteers working 14 hours per day coming to help clear passages, cut down limp trees and replace walls.

That tornado came through with such force that it ripped the roots up of several trees, sending them crashing to the ground — including the one directly in front of the tree that fell onto Pound’s car.

“That car’s not running too well anymore,” said James Dwyer, Pound’s sound.

Dwyer is among the many pitching in. He admits it’s hard work, but not the worst.

Had trees fallen a different way, it would be a different story.

“Twenty feet left, they’re all dead,” Dwyer said. “It’s a miracle they actually fell the way they did.”

“We shouldn’t be alive. I don’t know why the trees didn’t fall toward the house, but they fell on either side of our vehicles,” Pound said. “I’m saying God put his hand over the house. That’s the only answer I have for it. We should be dead.”