By Crystal Cranmore

WILLIAMSTOWN, N.J. (CBS) — Authorities in South Jersey are investigating after the deaths of a family’s two dogs. The dogs died within a matter of days and the whole ordeal has many in the neighborhood keeping an especially close eye on their pets.

The owners of a 3-year-old white bichon frise named Bean and a 7-year-old chocolate lab named Tank are numb after their pets were killed.

“They both had amazing personalities,” Brown said. “We are so full of sadness.”

Credit: CBS3

Franklin Township police are investigating the deaths of both animals after the family found Tank with a slash on his neck. He had been playing in their backyard on the 1800 block of Janvier Road on Oct. 21 when the owners noticed a large amount of blood.

“He had two slashes in his neck,” Brown said.

Brown says her family rushed the lab to Cross Keys Animal Hospital where veterinarians could not save him.

Just one day earlier, the family found Bean dead near a woodpile in the backyard.

“At that point we thought it was natural causes,” Brown said.

The family now thinks Bean might have been poisoned since he did not appear to show any signs of trauma.

Investigators say they do not have a lead on suspects at this time.

But on Wednesday, police were called out to the area again after residents reported seeing a man in camouflage come out of the woods.

“Hopped a pretty large fence and started walking towards the houses,” Brown said.

Residents say he was scared off and ran back into the woods.

The investigation has pet owners in the community on edge.

“That’s just terrible for somebody to do something like that. That’s just beyond human,” one resident said.

Brown says she and her family are keeping a close eye on their remaining pets.

“We definitely don’t let them go out by themselves,” Brown said.

“Tank was just this big, giant goofball,” Brown said. “Bean was the cutest.”

The family will never forget the memories and the pictures they will forever treasure.

Crystal Cranmore