By Vittoria Woodill

WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) — In the first state, there’s a place taking food to new heights with the help of a top chef. Chuck Lager America’s Tavern is where adventure awaits in scratch-made plates, where your cutlery is your compass to travel in every direction of tasty and delicious.

But on the map, this story begins in Italy, in celebrity chef Fabio Viviani’s grandmother’s kitchen, where at 14 his path crossed with a world-class traveling man named Chuck — and there was just something that stuck ever since.

“Chuck is a normal dude. Chuck is a guy who lived most of his life in Texas, good family friend, spent a bunch of time in Italy — fluent in Italian, actually,” Viviani said. “He’s a big foodie. Thirteen years later, when I was 27, I moved to the United States, didn’t reach out to Chuck. And then we connected 10 years later and the rest is history.”

So with his business partners and Chuck in place, the restaurant was born as a home away from home — no passport needed.

Watch the full Taste With Tori from Chuck Lager America’s Tavern above.

Vittoria Woodill