By Alyssa Adams

AMBLER, Pa. (CBS) — A Montgomery County woman is hoping the power of social media will reunite her with a very sentimental item. Cara Fazio Mundell posted on Facebook, saying a diamond ring that belonged to her mother was among the jewelry items that were stolen from her Ambler home when it was broken into the morning of Oct. 30.

“This was my mom’s ring who passed it onto me when she died 14 years ago. It holds immense sentimental value to me. Obviously the police are on the case but you never know how social media might be able to help in this day in age. If anyone ever sees this or can pass along to someone they know who works in a jewelry store or pawn shop, I beg. I’m devastated,” Mundell said in the Facebook post.

Mundell says she went to the gym around 9 a.m. — her daily routine — and returned home around 11:15 a.m.

When she went upstairs to the master bedroom, she noticed her engagement ring, passed down to her from her mother, and her wedding band were missing. She began looking through her jewelry boxes and places she hid sentimental items to find someone had stolen her jewelry.

She immediately called police who are investigating the incident.