By Vittoria Woodill

DOWNINGTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — In this week’s Taste With Tori, we take a trip to Downingtown for a taste of authentic Italian food. Vittoria Woodill visits Pomodoro, where they’re so passionate about serving fresh food that some of the ingredients are grown right there.

Standing tall in Downingtown is a place where you can have your pick of Italian delights and even find a few surprises. Look out for the red tomato and you’ve found Pomodoro Italian restaurant.

Credit: CBS3

“My philosophy is you want it, you got it,” chef/owner Croce Tony Cataldo said.

Cataldo isn’t kidding. From Mama’s recipes that stem from Palermo, Sicily to plates with freshly-picked produce from his rooftop garden, his goal is to show you what you’re eating.

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Vittoria Woodill