By Dan Koob

SPRINGFIELD, Pa. (CBS) — A teenager recounted the moments after a 7-year-old girl was hit by a car when she stepped off a school bus in Springfield. Fifteen-year-old Bradley Wright is dealing with his own challenges but still stepped up to help a young girl who was hit after getting off a school bus on the 400 block of East Woodland Avenue.

“All I could think is, she’s on the ground, I got to help,” Bradley said.

Seven-year-old Jayzlin Yeboah, a Sabold Elementary School student, remains in critical condition on Thursday surrounded by her family.

The bus filled with students watched as their classmate was hit by a passing car. Bradley heard the sound from his home.

Police say Jayzlin was struck by a black Honda as she stepped off her school bus on Wednesday afternoon. Onlookers say the driver was not paying attention and drove through the school bus’ stop sign. The driver eventually did stop and stay at the scene.

“I see those little kids get off the bus all the time,” neighbor Salah Mighi said. “They’re so joyful. It makes you feel, especially when you have kids.”

Bradley says Jayzlin was thrown 15 to 20 feet after impact.

Jayzlin was transported to Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, where she remains critically injured.

“Based on where she was crossing and where she was laying and where the car stopped, he must have not been paying attention plus speeding if that,” Bradley said.

Bradley has injuries of his own — a broken nose and swollen eye after he says he was struck by a car on the same street Monday walking from school.

“It’s extremely dangerous. People speed up and down this road all the time,” Bradley said.

Bradley wants stop signs or speed bumps installed to make sure what happened Wednesday never happens again.

“That could have been me on Monday. People need to start paying attention to the road and stop speeding,” he said. “Slow down, start paying attention to kids. I don’t really think that driver should be driving. If a driver has something more important going on he or she shouldn’t be driving.”

Wednesday’s accident remains under investigation.