By Greg Argos

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — New video shows officers rushing victims out of a home and to the hospital after police say a mother shot and killed her two daughters and husband Monday. On Tuesday, close family of the victims were too upset to speak on camera.

A serene memorial remembering the two young girls and their father now sits outside of the Tacony home on the 6300 block of Hegerman Street. It’s a much different scene than what played out Monday night inside the home.

“A couple minutes ago, I was out here smoking a cigarette and I heard gunshots,” a neighbor said.

A neighbor recorded stunning cellphone video minutes before 10 p.m. Monday.

Investigators say that’s when 28-year-old Damyrra Jones opened fire on her entire family, shooting her 35-year-old husband and her 10-month-old and 4-year-old daughters in the head and neck.

“Oh my God, they’re bringing out a body,” the neighbor said in the video.

The first officers on scene spared no time rushing the three victims to nearby hospitals, but all three died.

The mother, who homicide detectives say had legally purchased a handgun less than a half-mile from her home just hours before the triple murder, shot herself in the head but somehow survived.

“While being transported to Jefferson-Torresdale Hospital, in the back of a Fire Rescue unit, she admitted to shooting everyone, and demanded not to be resuscitated,” Philadelphia Police Capt. Jason Smith said.

On Tuesday, the normally quiet neighborhood was buzzing with worry, a family gone, and all simply wondering why.

“I can’t even picture how this all happened or why it happened or what was going through her mind. What made her want to kill her own kids? It just doesn’t make sense to me. None of this adds up,” one neighbor said.

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has approved murder charges but Jones’ preliminary hearing may be delayed due to her injuries. She is expected to survive.