By CBS3 Staff

STATE COLLEGE, Pa (CBS) — A young boy penned a sweet letter to Penn State University football player Jonathan Sutherland after he was criticized over his hair. Dave Young, the boy’s father, could not help but post his 8-year-old son’s letter to Twitter before sending it off to Penn State.

“I was not going to post this but I am too proud not to, and seeing that other clown’s letter over and over thought maybe one penned by my son with thought and some humor might be what we all need. As promised to him last night this went in the mail today to Mr. Sutherland,” Young tweeted.

“Don’t listen to the mean people who sent you that mean letter. You are my favorite player and the best,” Mason Young said in the letter.

Mason also added that Sutherland’s dreadlocks were “awesome,” and that he wish he had his hair.

Earlier this week, a Penn State football player tweeted out a photo of the letter Sutherland received that criticized his hair, calling his dreadlocks “awful,” “look disgusting and are not attractive.”

Sutherland, a team captain, forgave the author for the critical letter.