By Vittoria Woodill

LANSDALE, Pa. (CBS) — A Montgomery County shop has the sweet smell of success. The Scent & Sip Fragrance Lab allows customers to make everything from scented candles to custom soaps.

In Lansdale, follow your nose for some good clean fun at Scent & Sip, a place where the whole family can make smelly stuff from bubble bath bears to beard oil and beyond.

It’s ran by Jen Burnley and her family, and together they help squeeze in all the scents you love into a make-and-take-all-natural project you’ll love to use — unless it just smells too good.

To make something, you start by picking our your favorite scents and then you give them a squeeze until you smell success.

Watch the video above for more from Vittoria Woodill’s trip to Scent & Sip.

Vittoria Woodill