By Natasha Brown

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s a fresh start for a boy battling cancer and his father thanks to the kindness of strangers. Volunteers were busy bustling around a home in Wenonah, New Jersey for day two of a total home makeover for Dan and Danny Feltwell’s new house.

The project is courtesy of Home Depot.

Through our CBS3 Alex’s Lemonade Stand Telethon, we’ve learned about 11-year-old Danny and his father. Danny has battled pediatric cancer twice and was diagnosed the first time at just 2 years old and again at 9.

“Right now I’m feeling good,” Danny said. “Right now I’m tired, but I’m getting there.”

Danny still makes frequent trips to A.I. duPont Hospital for treatment, but the family had been living in Margate, New Jersey, which is two hours from the hospital.

Feltwell recently bought a house that’s much closer in Wenonah, New Jersey.

“I needed help. I had gotten hurt at work right before Danny relapsed and I physically couldn’t do the work,” Feltwell said.

That’s when worker bees from Home Depot, led by Pam Yanak, stepped in after hearing Danny’s story.

“We did some fundraisers for them and ran a 5K and I read a post he posted on Facebook that he bought a house and needed some help,” Yanak recalled.

Not only are Home Depot volunteers on the job but also members of the University of Delaware Police Department. Bill Wentz has known Danny and his dad for years and that moved him to get involved.

“We ended up getting a big crew in here and between yesterday all the Home Depot volunteers pretty much blew this out so a few of us police officers are jumping in trying to help out,” Wentz said.

Within a matter of two days, new appliances, new flooring, fresh paint and a major renovation project has taken shape.

“Danny’s a fighter and they wanna fight with him,” Yanak said.

It’s a new house for a child who is continuing his journey to recovery.

“This home means everything,” Danny said. “Now I get a new beginning.”

Danny is involved in the B+ charity foundation, which is the group that nominated Danny and his dad for the home makeover. Danny says all the volunteers mean a lot to him because they’re helping his dad.