By Greg Argos

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —  Police are searching for a man who they say is wanted for at least three attacks on women that all occurred in North Philadelphia on Sunday. Police say the suspect is targeting women who are walking down North 15th Street in Francisville.

Frightening new video shows two of the attacks Sunday morning in Philadelphia’s Francisville neighborhood. The two attacks happened minutes before a third assault, which was captured on a Ring camera.

Capt. Mark Burgmann, with the Philadelphia Police Special Victims Unit, says they discovered the new videos Tuesday while working the first case.

“He’s obviously a predator. He’s lying in wait. He’s just waiting for each victim to come by and two of them are five minutes apart,” Burgmann said.

Video from the first attack shows the victim walking down the 800 block of North 15th Street around 9:35 a.m. Sunday. The suspect chased after her and grabbed her. The victim was able to free herself and run away.

“He does it in broad daylight. He doesn’t seem to care,” Burgmann said.

Credit: CBS3

Within five minutes, there was another attack. The suspect was lurking in an alleyway and emerged to wrap his arms around another victim, and held on to her for at least a full minute, locking his grip even when a witness walking his dog tried to help the woman get free.

April Walton lives on the very block where the three attacks took place and says she’s now rethinking her own personal security.

“I’ve never owned pepper spray or things like that but now it’s making me question, I should get something to protect me,” Walton said.

“The people in the neighborhood are very vigilant, watching out, still making comments about what happened,” neighbor Jeanine Avery said.


But without the two victims reporting the attacks, and with no arrests, police are pleading for anyone who knows the suspect to contact them.

“It’s so important that we have these victims come forward and any witnesses come forward so it doesn’t continue to happen and we can get this guy off the street,” Burgmann said.

If you know who the victim is, call 911.