By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Several car owners in Northeast Philadelphia woke up Tuesday morning to find their car windows smashed and mirrors broken. The trail of destruction happened along the 2300 block of Tremont Street in the city’s Bustleton section.

Neighbors discovered the damage around 9:30 p.m. Monday night and left notes on the cars, telling the owners to contact police for a report. One note indicated a “naked man” was responsible for the damage.

When officers arrived, they located the 42-year-old suspect and ordered him to lay down which police say he ignored. The suspect continued walking past the officers and that’s when officers tased the man.

Note Found On Car Says 'Naked Man' Vandalized Several Cars In Northeast Philadelphia

The man was taken into custody and treated at Nazareth Hospital for cuts to his hands.

Layla Hasanova was walking with her children when she saw and heard all the commotion.

“He was screaming,” she said. “I thought it was his own car. But when I see him go to all the cars, I was scared for the kids. It was crazy.”

Police say at least four vehicles were damaged. Witnesses say the man used his fists and arms to break the windows.

The incident remains under investigation.