By Cleve Bryan

WOODBURY, N.J. (CBS) — Eagles safety Rodney McLeod is spending his day after the Birds’ big comeback win giving back to the community. McLeod delivered a special service and message to students in Woodbury on Monday.

McLeod spoke at Woodbury High School and middle school just a day after returning from last year’s season-ending leg injury to help the Birds win their season opener over Washington.

“Whether it’s an injury, whether it’s a loss, I understand my role and how important it is for me to get my face here, for me to speak to these kids,” he said.

This is the second year for McLeod’s initiative — the Student Health Impact Project. Not only does he talk to kids about making good choices and taking care of their bodies, he also provides some much-needed services.

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Kids received dental and vision services in two large buses provided by McLeod and his partners with the Oral Health Impact Project.

“A lot of these underserved communities kind of have barriers to their health care so we want to provide that,” McLeod said.

School officials say McLeod’s presence means the world to kids and the services he brings play an important role in their health.

“A kid that struggles in school with a toothache or can’t see the board, if they can get a free pair of glasses or a cavity filled it’s very impactful,” Superintendent of Woodbury Schools Andrew Bell said.

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Last year, while starting the initiative on crutches, McLeod’s team served more than 4,000 students in Camden and the Philadelphia area. This year, he hopes to do even more.

“I’m committed man, and as long as I’m able to get around someway — whether it’s two legs or crutches — I’ll be here,” McLeod said,.

Last year, McLeod provided more than 100 hours of free services and they’re working on another full schedule of events with the buses this fall, especially in the City of Philadelphia.