By CBS3 Staff

HAMMONTON, N.J (CBS)– Many evacuees with ties to our area are riding out the storm in the Delaware Valley. Among those evacuees are college students who returned home for a visit, sooner than expected.

This includes Hammonton, New Jersey native, Sean Ryker, who is a freshman at Stetson University, which is just north of Orlando. He was able to get a flight back to Philadelphia on Friday as Hurricane Dorian draws closer.

Pa. Task Force 1 Heading To Florida Ahead Of Hurricane Dorian

The football player says the university shut down and his football game was cancelled.

“Being from New Jersey, I had no intentions of staying in Florida, but everyone is having their Hurricane party and stuff like that. But I take weather seriously and I did not want to be there, even though it stinks we’re missing our first game but I think it’s better to be safe than play a football game,” he says.

Ryker says the university may reopen Wednesday, depending on how the storm rolls through.