By Howard Monroe

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The state of Florida has declared a state of emergency as Hurricane Dorian gains strength and could reach a Category 4 when it makes landfall. This has caused many people from the south to escape Dorian’s path and head to places like Philadelphia.

“It’s terrifying, it’s really, really, really scary,” Florida resident Zoe Myers-Bochner said.

Hurricane Dorian is making it’s way toward the Florida mainland. Myers-Bochner and her parents got out of Orlando just in time to move her into Swarthmore College.

“We did have to hurricane-proof our house before we left, which is kind of scary,” she said.

Flight operations at the Philadelphia International Airport appear to be running smoothly to and from the affected the regions, with the majority of the arrivals to Philadelphia on time.

But many airlines, including American, Delta and United Airlines are allowing customers to change their flights for free or are moving flights to get people out of Florida.

‘I Left All My Family Down There’: Travelers From Puerto Rico Land In Philadelphia To Escape Hurricane Dorian

According to the Eyewitness News Weather Team, Dorian is expected to hit the United States as a Category 4 hurricane. Its path stretches from anywhere from Key West, Florida all the way up to Savannah, Georgia.

credit: CBS3

As for Steve Riley, who is also from Florida, he says after a while you get use to the storms.

“We’ve been through so many now you just kind of get used to it. As long as you prepare for it, all the things that can fly around, put those things away and you’re fine,” he says.

Flights to and from the impacted areas appear to be on time. But, as always check with your carrier before heading to the airport.