PHILADELPHIA (CBS/AP) — Sean Rodriguez’s feel-good moment didn’t last that long. After hitting a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 11th inning to give the Philadelphia Phillies a 6-5 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates on Monday night, Rodriguez called fans “entitled” for booing players, especially the ones who have been struggling.

Rodriguez has faced his share of criticism this year, hitting only .214 with four home runs and 11 RBI in limited playing time. The bench player was in a 1-21 slump before connecting off Pirates reliever Michael Feliz. It was Rodriguez’s second hit in the month of August.

During his postgame comments, Rodriguez called out some Phillies fans for their behavior towards players.

“Think about it. Who is looking bad and feeling entitled when you hear stuff like that?” Rodriguez said about the criticism. “I’m not the one booing. I’m not the one screaming. I’m not the one saying pretty disgusting things at times. That seems pretty entitled. You’re just making yourself look pretty bad as an individual, as a person, as a fan. … There’s still a lot of good fans, though, and those are the ones I hear.”

Rodriguez said fans really show their true colors “through the thick and thin.”

“So when you act a certain way toward somebody because you don’t feel like they’re doing what they need to do, just look at life in general. I mean, we want to win. There’s nobody in here that doesn’t want to win. You got to just basically sit there and say, ‘Look, let me see if I can help him get out of what he’s in. Let me see if I can be encouraging enough to basically help an individual.’ That’s the harder thing to do, the easier thing is just to scream boo. ‘Let me think of something to say that actually might be encouraging.’ You know, it takes effort,” Rodriguez said.

As you can imagine, some fans took to social media to rip Rodriguez for his “entitled” comments.

The Phillies, who are one game out of the second Wild-Card spot, continue their series against the Pittsburgh Pirates tonight.

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