PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The healing is beginning in a neighborhood that gun violence has left its mark. Residents of Nicetown-Tioga came together on Saturday afternoon for a community day 10 days after a gunman opened fire on police officers in an hourslong standoff.

“We had a lot of bad incidents in this neighborhood and things should get better,” resident Harold Henry said.

Getting better, one shot, one dance, one hymnal at a time.

“We’re hoping this will bring the community closer together and get people to fellowship with us,” Douglas Morales, Zion Baptist Church, said.

‘Blood Was On Everything’: Inside Home Where Police Officer Was Shot, SWAT Members Stationed During Nicetown-Tioga Standoff

The community day block party was put on by the Zion Baptist Church. Everyone was invited — the young, the hungry and even the police.

“We used to have a church picnic out in the park, but we thought it would be better to bring it into the community,” Morales said.

The event is significant because just a week-and-a-half ago, two blocks away, this neighborhood was under siege as six police officers were shot.

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Maurice Hill was arrested and charged with attempted murder after a seven-plus hourlong standoff and shootout with police.

Neighbors were in a standstill, homes were riddled with bullets, the neighborhood was wrapped in police tape.

The police tape served a different purpose on Saturday afternoon, however.

“It shows everybody is still holding on to their strength, that there’s a way we can all come together still as a community with all the things that’s going on that’s negative, it’s something positive,” neighborhood resident Sawaya Merritt said.