By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Sweating from the head to toe, the Delaware Valley is baking ahead of a looming heat wave. Many, however, are still being active during this hot and humid stretch.

Clear skies drew people outdoors, the apparent breeze was a tease.

“When I walk out the door, it just hits you square in the face,” Lisa Zeidman, of York, said.

Still Zeidman and her daughter Helen braved the high temperatures to check out the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Sunday.

“This is the last day for the exhibit,” she said.

Sunday’s humidity was an extra weight to bear as for got their exercise.

Philadelphia Weather: Heat Index To Reach Triple Digits In Delaware Valley This Week

“It feels like you’re trying to breathe and it’s just not going in the way it should,” Corinne Fitzgerald, of New York, said. The steps are a good workout first and foremost. But obviously the Rocky steps and we’re from New York.”

On their last day in Philadelphia before back to Paris, the Rocky Statue enticed tourist with temporary shade from the sun, but far from relief from the heat.

“We went to visit Philadelphia downtown and especially the statue of Rocky Balboa,” a French tourist said.

As tourist looked to spend money, Ruth Honigram was one of many trying to earn their keep in this weather.

“I have ice water but otherwise I’m planning on being hot all day,” she said. “We start about 9:30. We actually sit here and take people around Fairmount Park.”

Families seeking relief escaped to Dilworth Park.

“Just trying to stay somewhat cool and hopefully we’ll get some ice cream after this as well,” Roison Collopy said.

Splashing and melting away the heat anyway they can.

CBS3’s Crystal Cranmore reports.