By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Curt Schilling is “absolutely considering” running for Congress in Arizona and he already has one prominent backer – President Donald Trump. On Tuesday, the president referred to the former All-Star as a “patriot” and said it was “terrific” that Schilling is thinking about running for office.

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Schilling, a six-time All-Star and three-time World Series champion, told the Arizona Republic he’s “considering it.”

“The state is not the state I grew up in. Making Arizona citizens of EVERY Race, religion and sexual orientation 2nd class citizens to illegal immigrants is about as anti-American as it gets,” Schilling told the Arizona Republic in a statement. “When you have homeless veterans, children, and you’re spending tax dollars on people smuggling drugs and children across our border someone in charge needs their ass kicked.”

In 2016, ESPN fired Schilling over an anti-transgender Facebook post. The company also suspended the former pitcher in 2015 for an anti-Muslim tweet.

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Schilling was named the 1993 NLCS MVP after helping to lead the Phillies to the National League pennant over the Atlanta Braves.