By Joe Holden

PROSPECT PARK, Pa. (CBS) — Three Delaware County children are making a difference in their community and the local police department is praising their efforts. These youngsters are helping their officers stay safe.

The trio of 9-year-old friends stepped up to the plate to meet a need in their Prospect Park community.

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“We live on the same street, so it’s kind of easy for us to get together,” Aubrey MacWilliams said.

To Aubrey and twins Danny and Bella Carroll, they figured why not make it a trade off — a donation of water for a sweet treat.

“Me, Bella and Danny went on to do this lemonade stand,” Aubrey said.

Ashley Carroll, the twins’ mother, posted about their water collection site for fire and police.

“I mean, after the first 15, 20 minutes, we had probably 10 cases of water,” she said.

“Pretty cool,” Bella said. “Lots of people came to help.”

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Dozens and dozens of cases were piling up.

“We needed two cars to bring all the water in,” Carroll said.

“The firefighters came, they gave us shirts and stuff and the chief took a picture with us and posted it on his site,” Danny said.

However, with leftover cash donations, Aubrey, Danny and Bella decided to go one step further and donate the money to help the Prospect Park Police Department secure a bullet-resistant vest.

“The girls were able to raise $200 and a local insurance company, JBL, matched their donation with a $200 check for Vest a Cop,” said Aubrey’s mother, Jessica MacWilliams.

Officer Henry O’Neill, a 19-year veteran of the force, is the grateful recipient of the donated vest.

“It goes a long way,” O’Neill explained. “To know your community is behind you is paramount in policing.”

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The example set by three children is a precious teachable moment. It shows when you put your mind to something, sometimes the community is ready to rally behind you.