By Matt Petrillo

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. (CBS) — For many travelers, the best way into Rehoboth Beach is catching the ferry and pedaling down to town. The area is known for its accessible bike trails.

Eyewitness News’ Matt Petrillo began his adventure from the other side of the Delaware Bay, over in Cape May, New Jersey. From there, you can hop onto the ferry for $10 and head into Lewes, Delaware.

With a ticket, you can bring a bicycle with you for free.

Many people vacationing at the Jersey Shore bring their bikes into Lewes to travel into Rehoboth for a day trip.

“We go to Cape May every year, wanted to do something different today — nice day — so we decided load up the bikes, take the ferry and enjoy a boat ride,” Lancaster County native Mike Hammel said.

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Last year, the ferry carried about 6,500 bicycles across both sides of the bay. You can also rent a bike at the port, and you’re ready to go.

“It just makes for an incredible day trip,” said Andrew Baird, with the Delaware River And Bay Authority.

There are a few different paths that will get you from Lewes to Rehoboth.

Eyewitness News chose the scenic Cape Henolopen State Park trail. The hidden gem is about seven miles and roughly 30 minutes of pure pedal power.

Rich Gelinas of Newtown, Bucks County says biking from Lewes to Rehoboth can be faster than driving a car due to heavy traffic. Plus, you can see Mother Nature up close.

“To me, it’s not about exercise. It’s about being outside,” Gelinas said.

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The path starts with a gravel road that then takes you into a forest with lots of lush landscapes. From there, the ride winds around wetlands and across a boardwalk.

Soon enough, you pass by the majestic Gordon Pond and so much more.

“You get to see dunes. There’s some scenic overlooks where you get to go out to the ocean,” Baird said.

The tail end of the ride takes you onto the street in Rehoboth but most drivers seem OK with sharing the road.