By Matt Petrillo

EVESHAM TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) – When you hear police talk about a smash and grab, you think someone has robbed a jewelry store. But in South Jersey, a trio of thieves made off with thousands of dollars worth of Apple products.

Now, investigators are trying to figure out if the crime is related to other similar incidents. Police say the three suspects involved with the smash and grab may be professionals.

“This group definitely had a plan,” Evesham Police Lieutenant Joseph Friel said.

They descended on a Target in Evesham Township at 2 a.m. last Thursday.

Security video captures the three breaking through not only one glass door, but two doors. They then dart to the electronics section of the Target, break through a glass case and take off with $15,000 worth of iPhones, iPads and other Apple products.

“That’s a lot of time I had to work to make 15-grand. So I do begrudge them taking things they don’t pay for,” Medford resident Barbara Stewart said.

Investigators say the suspects were in and out of the store in three minutes.

“They knew where the case was located. They had an exact items they were targeting. They all had bags they were ready to fill up,” Friel said.

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So detectives are looking at other similar smash and grab incidents in New Jersey to see if there is a similar pattern or possible connection.

“We do see that other parts of the state have had similar types of smash and grabs. So now our investigators reached out to see if this crew hit up other Targets or stores like this,” Friel said.

“I’m sure they’re gonna get caught at some point but that’s extreme,” Berlin resident Debby Cosner said.

The suspects covered most of their faces in the security video, but if you think you might know who they are, you’re urged to call police.