By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS Local) — Some food for thought the next time you order a meal from a delivery app – 28% of delivery drivers have taken a bite out of your order, according to a new study. That’s more than the 21% of customers who said they suspected a driver had taken a taste.

Data from US Foods found even more drivers — roughly 54% — say they have been tempted to sneak a bite after smelling the order.

“We’re sorry to report that sometimes, impulse gets the best of deliverers, and they violate their sacred duty by taking some of the food!” said the researchers, who surveyed 497 drivers who identified as having worked as a deliverer for at least one food delivery app.

More people than ever are turning to food delivery services and apps like UberEats, Grubhub, DoorDash and Postmate, the study showed. The average person has two food delivery apps and uses them three times per month.

85% of 1,518 customers surveyed said they’d be less worried about their food deliveries if the restaurant they ordered from would use tamper-proof packaging, according to the study.

The biggest complaints among customers? 17% said their food was not delivered warm/fresh. 16% complained their food was delivered late.

However, customers aren’t the only ones with complaints. The study revealed 60% of delivery drivers said they received little or not tip and 39% complained that the customer’s instructions were not clear.