By Ukee Washington

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia is a great sports town. In fact, it’s one of just 13 cities in the United States to boast four major professional sports teams — the Eagles, Phillies, Sixers and Flyers. Each with their share of success.

“Philly’s a mecca for sports,” one Philadelphia fan said.

“Great sports town,” another fan said. “The best.”

But the sports story in this city extends beyond the field, court or ice. You can’t tell the tale of this town without talking about the fans.

“They wear their heart on their sleeves when it comes to their teams, that’s what makes this town special when it comes to sports. They’re passionate,” a Philly sports fan said.

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Sometimes, the way that passion is expressed can take different forms.

“Whether they’re good or bad, we’re there for them. We’ll let them know how they’re doing,” a fan said.

If you work hard and you try, this town will love you,” another fan said. “But if you’re lazy, you’ll hear it.”

Philly fans can be tough, but there is no doubting how much Philly cares.

The Philly faithful hang on to every pass, every shot between the 10 feet and between the pipes and every swing of the bat.

But for most fans, it’s the memories that mean the most.

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“Allen Iverson in the playoffs — it brought the city together,” a fan said. “No racism, no nothing. Everybody loved each other.”

“I just remember growing up watching the Phillies, watching them win the World Series in 2008. Some of my greatest memories are going to the ballpark with my parents,” a fan said.

And it doesn’t stop with the big four. Philly has the Union, the Wings and the three-time champion Soul.

Some would say, a little bit of an attitude too.

“The problem is, other cities — they’re not in love with their teams and their sports with the same passion the way that we are,” a fan said. “We live or die with this. We remember plays from 20 years ago and what it meant to us and how it changed our lives.”

Ukee Washington